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Kadler is an industrial and transportation design studio placed near Warsaw, Poland. Founded by Roman Kadler, a Pforzheim University Graduate, who gained proffesional experience in companies such as Pininfarina or GM Design Europe.


We specialize in various projects in industrial and transportation design field. We try not to limit ourselfes to any product groups, just the opposite – the more various are the projects, the more satisfying is our work. We prefer projects where we can participate in the whole design process, from the ideation and first sketches to the production.


We also offer products developed inside our studio, available to buy in our onlineshop. At the moment these are: The Wallet, an exclusive man’s wallet and The Lamp, a minimalistic floor lamp solution.


Our philosophy is based on three main words: minimalism, function and aesthetics. We believe, a perfect product is reduced to the minimum in terms of aesthetics and construction, must be functional and needs to be attractive to it’s users. Another aspects important in the design process are innovative solutions, highest possible quality and keeping the products as environmental friendly as possible.


Minimalist aesthetics, reduction of the components used to build the product - this is the key to a perfect design.


A non-functional product, even if good looking, cannot be seen as good design. It is the functionality that makes the product useful. A beautiful, but not comfortable chair is not a good design but a piece of art.


We all experience the environment at first through our eyes, we like to buy and use products that we find atractive. As soon as a functional product gains a good looking form, it gets close to perfection.

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